Location: Michigan

Interests: Writing, photography, editing, diy, crafts

Nickname/Alternate name:  JaneofAllTrades/Science-Girl



Significant Other: Shawn

Random Fact:  I’m a twin.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: The Gourds cover of Gin and Juice

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon I, Weetacon II, Weetacon VIII

Best Weetacon Memory: There are so many!

I’m usually the one who…: Drinks way too much on Saturday night and is all hung over on Sunday morning.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Wendy asking my husband if he was drunk, him saying that he was fine, and her asking him to tie her shoe during the sleigh ride one year.

Known for at Weetacon: Still being nervous to talk to people I read regularly online?

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  1. I loved the erotic, yet tasteful, boob sticker that Shawn and Danielle produced for Weetacon I. Elegant! They are excellent diner companions, as well!

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