Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Interests: Knitting, Kittens, Expensive French cookware (and inexpensive French cookware) and writing.

Nickname/Alternate name: fredlet

Facebook: fredlet

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fredlet

Significant Other: Bradd, Moon Pie,  Ottov2 and Bellatrix ….
and the artists formerly known as Bunnycat and Tex

Random Fact: I’m a pain in the arse, but I’m usually worth it.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: Me and Bobby McGee

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon II, Weetacon III, Weetacon IV, Weetacon V, Weetacon VI, Weetacon VII

Best Weetacon Memory: Everyone sitting around in the St B’s pub all just talking and me knitting and eating all the oranges from everyone’s Blue Moon pints.

Funniest Weetacon Incident:

Weetathlon Awards: The Fixer

Known for at Weetacon: I put things on my head and try take over the world with my mobile phone

I put things on my head.
Fox hat, Fox River Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat

Fredlet and TheJason-2006


Fredlet Makes a Friend-2007


Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat-2008


In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

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  1. Techie supreme. She could take over the world with one hand tied behind her back and her Treo.

    She also has the most awesome hats.

  2. She only shods her feet in cool Keens!

  3. It’s fun to be stuck in a blizzard with her!

  4. Let me add to the techie supreme thing. She could ruin your credit and have you legally delared dead in six countries within about 20 minutes. Oh, if she only had that other hand free. 🙂 She is amazing and totally turned me on to some reading crack that I can not break free from. (Not that I want to.)

  5. Last year I exited the elevator and plopped down, exhausted, in the chair beside her. She was knitting. And then, hey-presto!, she was my friend.

    It’s just that easy, folks.

  6. Meg, you are so easy to love! (but also there a lot of love in our tribe!)

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