Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Interests: Shoes, boys, and keeping up with my homework. I’m also trying to make the cheerleading squad, but my herkie needs work.
Nickname/Alternate name: Mare
Facebook: Maryan Florio

Significant Other: Well, I didn’t get his last name…

Random Fact: I was an extra in Billy Madison, and you can totally see me several times!

Secret Super Power: I can change my tshirt in the middle of a crowded bar, and still keep my dignity.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor.

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon 1, 2 & 3

Best Weetacon Memory: The very first one, on the sleigh ride, with the horses, and the joy and the romantic proposal in the snow.

I’m usually the one who…: will pull you onto the dance floor, and demand that you cha cha with me.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Travelling five hours with strangers, through a snowstorm, to get there 9 hours late and survive the weekend without makeup or a change of clothes? Yeah, that was pretty funny.

Weetathlon Awards: I was away that day.

Known for at Weetacon: God only knows.

In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

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  1. Is the first person at a Weetacon to have slept with me.

  2. And I’m sure she won’t be the last!

  3. I had to! Michael helped me out of my clothes. I owed him one!

  4. See, how is that fair? I helped you into them.

  5. SOOO excited you’ll be there in March!

  6. One of my all-time favorite Weetacon Moments was Mare’s reenacting of her BJ class, particularly the “dolphin” and the “rotini.” Not Weetacon related, but JC related, we totally walked 5 DC city blocks in our barefeet. It was gross, but hilarious, now and at the time, but for completely different reasons.

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