Location: London, Canada, eh?
Interests: baking, cooking, beading/wire work, crocheting, photography, crosswords, The Intarwebs
Nickname/Alternate name: Kelly
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kellykba
Twitter: kellykba

Significant Other: The Mister (he prefers to keep a low profile)
Random Fact: I can pretty much work a food motif into any given facet of life.
Secret Super Power: I am Empathy Girl!
Favorite Bad Bar Song: stay tuned

Attended Weetacon IV

Best Weetacon Memory: Breakfast conversations with the early-risers.

I’m usually the one who…: Opens mouth, inserts foot.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Listening to The Captain’s raunchy stories on the hayride.
Weetathlon Awards: Bronze Award Winner
Known for at Weetacon: Being one of the New Kids

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  1. Meg – so glad you’re coming back this year! Can I place an order for a couple of bags of your dog treats? My dog neighbor Jackie, whom I shamelessly ply with dog treats was especially partial to your home-made concoctions!

  2. […] our seventh year of Weetacon and the theme is Seven Deadly Sins (the best idea ever, it was Meg’s suggestion) and if you ever were an old online journaling fangirl or fanboy, this is your year, […]

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