Location: Milwaukee, WI

Interests: Knitting, reading, shoes, dressing up my pets, cooking, photography, wine

Nickname/Alternate name: Minarae, once upon a time

Facebook: I’m searchable if you really want to find me

Twitter: melindarae

Significant Other: Kevin

Random Fact: I love bocce ball and the word hemoglobin

Secret Super Power: I can identify the voice of almost any celebrity within 10 seconds or less.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: Build Me Up Buttercup

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon IWeetacon III, then all the rest

Best Weetacon Memory: Telling Kevin I needed to pee before I managed to say yes when he asked me to marry him

I’m usually the one who…: ends up with incriminating pictures of herself on strangers’ cell phones

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Hm.  Toss up between the time I yelled “Fuck snow!” and a homeless lady answered with “AMEN!” or the time I ordered only one pancake because “those things are fucking HUGE” and the waitress agreed with me.  Of course, those may have only been funny because they happened post-Bad Bar (if you know what I mean) (and if you don’t, then YOU NEED TO BE HERE).  Of course, there was also the time JenFu and I murdered “Sweet Child O’Mine”, and the time Jake and Jared massacred The Carpenters while a very lovely couple danced the night away.  But I think the homeless lady thing was funnier.

Weetathlon Awards: Flagrant $10 Rule Abuser and Most Prolific Boob Flashing.  My mom is SO PROUD OF ME.

Known for at Weetacon: Being Wendy Bix’s stand in yeller

Image courtesy of Susan

Courtesy of Mary


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  1. Mel finally convinced me to register last year. I have to admit, before I met The Tribe, she and Kevin were the biggest draw for me. (See, I’d developed a huge crush on both of them from JCDC, 2004.)

    She even let me shadow her when I felt any anxiety all weekend. She rocks hard.

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