Location: Chicago, IL
Interests: Running – especially half-marathons and crazy gimmick races, reading (please recommend something – series that are new to me are a plus), modern and self-taught/folk art, consignment shopping, and travel!
Nickname/Alternate name: P or Paula
Facebook: look under Paula Keats
Twitter: @Tobermory09
Significant Other: Steve Horwath, no longer Man-of-Mystery he will be on his 3rd Weetacon this year.
Random Fact: My house was featured in a 3-page spread in a local magazine.
Secret Super Power: Sleuthing out cool places to shop.
Favorite Bad Bar Song: Really anything new wave-y from the 80’s.
Attended Weetacon: All of them – I’m a die-hard old-timer.
Best Weetacon Memory: Buying a large round of drinks with Mike at St. Brendan’s and giggling like little girls at the puny cost.
Funniest Weetacon Incident: I barfed IN Wendy’s car. Actually it was into a new clutch purse and Jake was horrified when I said it was a Proenza Schouler, but relieved when I said it was P-S for Target.  I redeemed myself by sending Wendy a gift certificate to have her car detailed to clean up any stray barfage.
Weetathlon Awards: I am the reigning Tactile Strategizing Champion.
Known for at Weetacon: Not having a hangover and disappearing in the early morning to go for a run or hit the YMCA.

In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

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  1. Building Better Bibles! I need to pee!! NAMBLA!!!

  2. “Doesn’t get a hang-over even after drinking too much.” <— The only thing you could possibly hate about Poppy.

  3. Mike! How culd I possibly have forgotten the NAMNLA minivan!

  4. […] Bar and I would wear mine at karaoke. PQ and I weren’t the only two quasi-twins: Ladyloo and Poppy were black and blue versions of the same dress and yet, each totally made the design their own. […]

  5. That and she is simply the coolest person EVER!

  6. I love Poppy because we discovered that the claw machine was broken and was giving out free can coozies! We like breakfast. We also have a reputation for dancing a ton at Bad Bar.

  7. […] And there were activities that Jane and I, at the back of the room, uncomfortably took part in. Poppy made me smile effortlessly, because making someone frown is hard (unless you tell them a story […]

  8. […] eleven years ago last month, Poppy and I met for drinks in Chicago and she said “Hey, have you ever considered having a […]

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