Location: Louisville, KY

Interests: Drinking liquid peppermint and dancing like a fool in Wisconsin


Nickname/Alternate name: BettyBigHead

Facebook: Susan Wilson Grace’


Significant Other: Dr. McGillicuddy

Random Fact: I test out as an introverted extrovert on the Meyers-Briggs. I may be the most conflicted person you’ll ever meet.

Secret Super Power: Wendy says I am aging backward…did I say I think Wendy is fabulous?

Favorite Bad Bar Song: Wild Thing by Tone Loc

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon I, Weetacon II, Weetacon III, Weetacon IV, Weetacon V, Weetacon VI

Best Weetacon Memory: Being completely accepted into the tribe and being loved for who I am.  Also, at Weetacon I when Shawn (Mr. Science Girl) taught me everything I needed to learn about men.  “Hey, Susan, to men boobs is boobs.  We don’t care what they look like as long as we can look.”  Hence, the Mama Boob Flash was born.

I’m usually the one who…: Gets raging drunk on just 2 rum and diet cokes at the bad bar…I’m a really cheap date, sort of.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Weetacon IV, I think.  It was almost closing time when in walks a very young looking boy.  He comes up to our group of ladies and asks to see our boobs.  I put my arm around him and pointed to Big T and said, “That’s my husband.  Go ask him and if he says yes, I’ll do it.”  The kid does and Big T tells him, “I’ve been looking at them for years, go ahead.”  He came back ready for a flash but I sent him on his way and told him I was old enough to be his mother.  He told me I wouldn’t be the oldest  he’d ever been with. I felt all warm and fuzzy after that..

Weetathlon Awards:

Known for at Weetacon: Boob flash with Poppy in 2006

In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

Image courtesy of Melinda

Image courtesy of the Sardine Can

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  1. I love Susan to deaeth! She’s a fellow Kentuckian. ..even if she has an aversion to Wildcat Blue and likes that OTHER school that pretends they have a basketball team. 😉

  2. She’s a doll and if you ask nicely, you just might get a boob flash.

  3. I believe that Susan truly embraces and believes in the magic of the Tribe. I am continually amazed by her gracious and generous heart.

  4. Susan, please tell me you’re bringing more cajun seasoning for the bake sale this year.

  5. I love Susan! She’s a wonderful person. And Shawn is just a font of wisdom. 🙂

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