Location: TexasInterests: dancing, beauty products, vodka and your mom

Nickname/Alternate name: Susan (the other one

)Facebook: This is classified information, you will have to let me mime donkey punching you in public to get it.

Twitter: suzannad

Significant Other: None! I’m Hot/Single/And Totally SHY

Random Fact: I wrote a limerick about a Hissing Cockroach when I was seven.It was published in the Smithsonian Magazine.I am famous.Mike and I GB 2009

Secret Super Power: The ability to make men fall off of bar stools.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: (I’m Sorry)… “Crazy Bitch” by Buck Cherry.Either that or “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond (Eben MUST be present for “Sweet Caroline”).

Attended Weetacon: Weetacon III, Weetacon V, Weetacon VI, Weetacon VII, Weetacon VIII, Weetacon IX

Best Weetacon Memory: Arriving in Green Bay in March of 2007 with no clue of what the hell I was doing there and why.Then a few short hours later thinking to myself, “Holy shit.I love these people. So THIS is what I have been missing my whole life.”It was like coming to the surface of some lake, blinking and sputtering and then being aware that the people who had pulled me out of the metaphorical lake (shut up, I am trying to be eloquent here) were my family.Regardless of bloodlines or geographical separation, these people were my family, MY TRIBE.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: I wasn’t even there for this, but the saying, “It smells like PT Cruiser” runs through my mind and out of my mouth often… very often.

I’m usually the one who…: smokes a bunch and grabs boobs, wait, that last part is Mike.

Weetathlon Awards: Sobriety Above And Beyond the Call of Duty (do not let this fool you)

Known for at Weetacon:

In the comments section, please share an anecdote of our shared adventures in Wisconsin!

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  1. You know you like the boob grabs. You basically throw your chest into my hands every time they’re empty.

  2. Lady, if you’re not in Wisconsin come the first weekend in March, there will be issues.

  3. Mike… that is Mare. I am innocent, I tell you. And Sarah, I will be there. Oh YES… I will be there.

  4. My long-lost sister, SuzyQ sized me up at bowling for about two minutes before christening me ‘MissMeg’. I love it and I love you, babe.

  5. Exsqueeze me? I am a LADY, and I don’t just let anyone touch my breasteses, you know.

    Just the cute ones. (Michael, you can totally help me pick ’em.)

  6. Check it hotties. Look… no really look… what has changed on my profile? I will give a cookie and an open mouth kiss to the first person to guess correctly. Wendy, you dont get to play, but I’ll still French you hot mamma.

  7. You’re my fairy godmother, you know. Those shoes are still amazing, and my husband thanks you.

  8. Bruce wins! Prepare to be lady-handled and made out with!

    Also, Jess, I hope they are helpful in delicate situations, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. (Like surgery, or making souffle.)

  9. “Interests: dancing, beauty products, vodka and your mom”

    This is a pitch-perfect description.

  10. Thanks Kev, I thought it was pretty acurate.

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