Location: Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaInterests: My family, real food, writing, fine art photography, residential design.

Nickname/Alternate name: Bruce
Website/Blog: http://www.shawnacameron.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shawna.cameron
Significant Other: Jared (not that one)
Random Fact: I’ve saved two buildings from burning down. (This would be a pretty poor record for a firefighter, but is not bad for a non-fire-fighting person like me.)
Secret Super Power: I can milk a cow by hand.
Attending: Weetacon VI, Weetacon VIIFavorite Bad Bar Song: If led by Eben: Sweet Caroline. If not led by Eben: I Gotta Feeling

Best Weetacon Memory: Feeling like Norm from Cheers every time I walked into a room; beating the cars to Pantscakes when I went on foot; finding an obscure connection to Chad within seconds of meeting him; getting to know Suzanna on the bus ride the first morning; everyone walking around with “Bruce’s Drink” at the Bad Bar; I’m NOT going to limbo. The limbo isn’t my thing. Nuh uh. (voice calling: Bruce! Get in there!) Hold my drink…

I’m usually the one who…: Cannot stop dancing once I start.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: Eben’s nipples flashing at the Bad Bar

Weetathlon Awards: Bruce, Best in Show

Known for at Weetacon: BRUCE!!!

Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Once you go, you can’t stop going!

Thing I’m most nervous about: Being called upon to karaoke.

My impressions of Weetacon are: Big, raucous, chilly, fun.

When we meet, ask me about: Hm. The challenge is usually in shutting me up. Maybe ask me what I want to know about you so I don’t unintentionally take over the conversation?

You’d never guess I’m: a Meyers-Briggs “I” instead of “E”

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  1. Welcome to the fun, Shawna!

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