christine_endLocation: Forest Park, IL

Interests: music, motorbikes, ancient Egypt, art, culture, concerts, dancing, mummies of all sorts, making the best cocktails ever, working it out, cooking vegetarian/vegan goodies, creepy things, old shit. Apparently, I may also be “outdoorsy” now.

Nickname/Alternate name: End, Red, Ladybug

Website/Blog: no

Facebook: yes

Twitter: endanubis

Significant Other: Evan

Random Fact: wore latex skirt to MA graduation.

Secret Super Power: my friend Claudia said necromancy, but she’s just trying to get on my good side, however, I can read hieroglyphs.

Attended: Weetacon VI, VII, VIII, IX

Favorite Bad Bar Song: If it smacks of Nu Wave… I’m on it.

christineBest Weetacon Memory: Winning Death’s Door Gin and Vodka in the raffle, and then finding a Domo tableaux with said bottles by St. Brendan’s staff on my bed.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: In retrospect, earning my Stymied! pin by tripping over myself before even getting into the Bad Bar.

Weetathlon Awards: Hottest Dancer, Best Fashion, some vague (or maybe not so vague) S&M paddle award, Most Historical Costume. I could have also earned “Most Baths in Two Days” but I don’t think anyone was watching.

Known for at Weetacon: Hopefully something like dressing nicely. A morbid aesthetic might also be mentioned.


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  1. Please be warned: I may have to sing various snippets of “Phantom of the Opera” to you. Understand that I will not be able to help myself.

  2. You said nothing about musicals before registration!

  3. Wow! Where can I get a close-up look at the amazing mobile hanging behind you? Do you work at a museum or gallery? Swoon….. I’d kill to do that!

  4. Hey Poppy! Yes, I work with an amazing art collection in Sheboygan, WI of all places. I can tell you all about the mobile and the hundreds of others we have like it at Weet! I’ll see if I can dig up a postcard of the artist’s (Emery Blagdon) work.

  5. Wow – you have my dream job! I’m totally an art junkie – I can’t wait to pick your brain and hear more about the gallery you work for.

  6. WAIT A MINUTE! Do you work for the Kohler Foundation? If you do it totally IS MY DREAM JOB. I l-o-v-e outsider/self-taught/intuitive art – I’m a member at Intuit down here in Chicago and when I used to go to NYC on a regular basis (damn you old college room-mate for moving and denying me a cheap crash pad in NYC!) I always went to the Folk Art Museum (and PS 1, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball o’ wax). I’ve been planning a visit to Sheboygan for the spring to come up and see the collection at Kohler! Don’t let my enthusiasm freak you out, but I can’t wait to meet you!

  7. That sounds great, Poppy! Yep, I work with the permanent collection at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. I’d love to show you around up here when you make it! Of course I’m familiar with Intuit. Have you ever been to the Roger Brown Study Collection in Chicago (it’s an SAIC site)? That collection is pretty great if you’ve never seen it (and a friend of mine is Curator there).

    Yay, can’t wait to meet you too! SOON!

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  9. […] my Kool-Aid speckled dress, as I had two tickets to a Stars concert in Milwaukee! I had contacted Christine, a fellow Stars enthusiast, and asked if she wanted to go along, especially since I would be […]

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