Over the last seven years, Weetacon’s charity raffle and fundraising efforts have raised approximately $20,000 for northeastern Wisconsin charities. Starting with Weetacon 2014, we’ve decided to share the Weetacon love and give attendees the choice of supporting three different northern Wisconsin charities — Paul’s Pantry, Happily Ever After and Kathy’s House.

Weetacon attendees are some of the very best and most generous people in the world. I am honored and blessed to call you all my friends. Our yearly gathering is one of the best things in my life and it is a shining bright spot in an otherwise gloomy winter. I would like to think that our weekend-long group hug has a positive impact on your lives as well. I’m thrilled that we’re collectively sharing our warmth and community with people in need.

Paul’s Pantry at Weetacon

Paul’s Pantry collects and distributes food (dented cans, bruised produce, leftovers from restaurants, day old baked goods) to low income families in the Green Bay area. The Pantry is in desperate need of cash donations to fuel its vehicles, pay the electric bill (it’s expensive to run all of those refrigerators) and buy supplemental food staples.


Kathy’s House

About-Us_KathysHouse-015-webThe Milwaukee medical community draws patients from around the state and around the country and Kathy’s House provides a warm and supportive shelter at little to no cost for families and visitors of seriously ill patients. The facility is supported almost entirely by local and guest donations. It provides no-frills accommodations in 18 private suites. Guests share kitchen and living space as well as laundry facilities, and are expected to participate in upkeep of the facility. The facility expenses and staffing breaks down to approximately $75 per night per suite, according to the staffers in May 2013. This is an On Milwaukee interview with the director of the facility.

During Esteban’s illness, Kathy’s House welcomed Wendy Bix and their family and friends into the facility for a whopping 36 night stay. This facility is near and dear to Weetacon’s heart for their tireless and quiet support in what can be the very worst point in a person’s life. Wendy Bix wrote about her time at Kathy’s House on her blog entry here.

Donate to Kathy’s House online.

Happily Ever After Animal Shelter


One of the constant ties between many Weetacon attendees is how much we love our pets. Happily Ever After is a no-kill animal shelter based in Green Bay. It provides neutering and spaying to all animals, as well as the guarantee of a safe environment until they find their forever home or for the entirety of the animal’s life.

From the HAE founder, Amanda Reitz (shown holding the kitty in the photo):

Here at Happily Ever After, we are very proud of our mission to help reduce the pet population, provide care and attention to animals who are looking for a home, provide long-term care to animals that are not suitable for living with the public, and educating the public on issues concerning the welfare of animals.

Together, the volunteers and community make Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary a safe haven for animals and we look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere.

You can donate directly to Happily Ever After here.


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