Raffle #28: Pixi by Petra Pretty Making Pack


Pixi by Petra Brightening Primer (Retail $30.00)

Gives a healthy radiance and brightening effect to the face. Suitable for all skin tones.


Pixi by Petra Eye Bright Kit (Retail $24.00)

Wakeup your face in seconds with this multi-purpose, flaw-fixing concealer kit. Contains two concealers, one brightener and one highlighter


Pixi by Petra Lustrous Eye Primer (Retail $22.00)

Eye primer for smoother lids and added luster. Formulated to wipe out tired eyes and transform them into energized-looking eyes. It’s the ultimate prep for smoother lids and longer lasting eye shadow. Evens out skin tone and add a hint of glowing gold to the skin, can also be used as a highlighter on brow and cheek bones.

Donated by: Wendy

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