Raffle #6: Le Mystere Moisturizing Day Cream


Le Mystere Moisturizing Day Cream (Retail $110.00)

The people that make Oprah’s bra are now making an age-defying cream. Le Mystere’s new “Skin” line of facial care products has debuted to rave reviews and glowing press coverage. It’s the outcome of intensive research and development by a team of skin specialists, chemists and biologists to unlock the secret power of Colostrum, a nutritious milky liquid produced in the mammary gland immediately after birth. Colostrum has a powerful natural liposome delivery system that carries regenerating substances to the formerly impenetrable deepest layers of the skin.

The unique milk proteins and collagen help support skin cells giving your skin firmness and glow, while soothing, reducing irritation, and improving the appearance of under eye puffiness and dark circles. Colostrum also helps to improve and restore firmness, while enhancing the skins reflective properties as lines and wrinkles are filled in reducing the look of fatigue.

Donated by Wendy

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