Wonder Twins!

Location: Baltimore, MD
Interests: football, videogames, teaching, training our new puppy
Nickname/Alternate name: Sorry! Don’t have one! I go by Woodsy, though!
Facebook: Ryan Woods
Significant Other: Jessi (aka Biensoul)…she is my wife, and she is the best person in the world.

Favorite Bad Bar Song: Sweet Caroline…Ba Ba Baaaa

Best Weetacon Memory: So many to enjoy…but the Doctor helps everyone have a good time.

I’m usually the one who…: is shy and off to himself, cowering in a corner.

Funniest Weetacon Incident: When the teenage lesbian hit on all of the ladies at Pantscakes.

Weetathlon Awards: Best Imitation of a Pogue

Known for at Weetacon:Singing The Pogues “Fairytale of New York” with my wife at Karaoke, I guess?

Random Fact:  I teach high school Special Education.  I am also super-organized!

Secret Super Power: I derive all my powers from my mighty goatee.

Attending: Weetacon VI, Weetacon VII
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: My wife really wants me to go…and I want to try all the food she’s been talking about FOREVER.  I’m also excited for our Lambeau tour.

Thing I’m most nervous about: I’m actually a very shy person.  I’m the opposite of Jessi.  I don’t like being in a room with a bunch of strangers, and I’m nervous that I’ll be overwhelmed.  Get a few beers in me, though, and I’ll be more outgoing.  You will NEVER see me do karaoke.  That’s my wife’s department.

My impressions of Weetacon are:  Food, fun, football history, and a lot of really outgoing people that are louder than me.

When we meet, ask me about:  the Pittsburgh Steelers, teaching and coaching, my wedding, and cooking

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