What can you donate to the raffle?

Anything! In previous years, attendees have donated gift baskets, beauty products, gift cards, books, food items, DVD box sets and handmade crafts such as jewelry, scarves, quilts, pottery and framed prints.

This might also be a good opportunity to RE-GIFT something that you received over the holidays but know someone else would appreciate more.

Just send Shawn a brief description, photo and the estimated retail value of your donation (shawn@weetacon.com) and we will get it listed on the raffle page ASAP. Bring your item along with you to Weetacon or if you’re flying to Green Bay and concerned about baggage fees, you can mail it ahead early — contact Shawn for mailing information — and we’ll get it to St. Brendan’s and into the hands of the raffle coordinators for you. Easy peasy!

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