Fredlet was born to a pair of randy college students in a tiny town in west Texas. From these humble beginnings, she was raised in a single-wide trailer in the Panhandle of Texas by parents, that, as it turned out, were rocket scientists despite their poor family planning skills. Because of this pedigree, Kramer Wetzel, of, keeps insisting that she is smart. (Or smart ass, one of those.) In the early days of the web, she worked for some high-profile web-wonks and was the natural offshoot of QA’ing web design software.

Her favorite vices are Shiner Bock, carrot cake and chocolate as a vitamin. She also has a curiously self-destructive affinity for acerbic, intellectual rednecks. bandwidth since 1996

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  1. Fred is basically Garcia from “Criminal Minds”. If she has an internet connection, look out.

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