Raffle #54: An assortment of Vosges Chocolates *

If you combined haute cuisine with chocolate, you’d get Vosges. At an average of $69 per pound, Vosges is ranked as one of the most expensive chocolates in the world, and our friend Allie will be donating an assortement for the charity raffle. Vosge has several signature flavors, including Naga, milk chocolate with Sweet Indian Curry and coconut, Black Pearl, dark chocolate with ginger and wasabi, and Red Fire, made with ancho and Chipotle chili, cinnamon and dark chocolate. There are also flavors like Finnochio, which is made with wild fennel pollen and dark chocolate, and Balsamico, which includes dark chocolate, a ten-year aged modena balsamic vinegar and Sicilian hazelnuts. It’s all delicious, no matter which way you slice it. Yum!

Donated by Alli

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