Location: Queens NY. (my room)

Interests: Writing, reading, rotting brain cells on hours of mindless TV (Yay Mindless), Video games (Yay mindless)

Nickname: Nothing I actually want people to call me. That said, it would drive Jenfoo nuts if I were called Trom. (A tale which is as long as it is uninteresting)

Website: Um. . .Google, yeah that was me I invented Google.

Facebook: That one too.

Twitter: OK, fine I’m a cyber-shut in. is that what you wanted to read!!!!!!!

Significant Other: How do you sleep at night?

Random Fact: I get bored easy.

Secret Super Power: I have the ability to keep my super powers secret.

Attending: Weetacon VI

Favorite Bad Bar Song: I have no idea by uh-oh-noh. <<Noncommittal shrug>>

Best Weetacon Memory: Planning out who would be eaten to live if we were stranded in the middle of nowhere the night of the hay ride.

I’m usually the one who: Says something deliberately stupid.

Funniest Weetacon incident: Naming Bruce

Weetacon Awards: Yes, please. (See I’m usually the one who:)

Known for at Weetacon: Getting sick and disappearing for three days.

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