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At the end of 2012, we experienced a terrible first when we lost a member of our Tribe. Tex was the yin to fredlet’s yang, a big man with a big heart and a big grin. A few of us were lucky enough to get to see him one last time in the weeks before he passed, and even then, he was scheming about how to make it to Weetacon this year (the plan involved an iPad, a lot of FaceTime and constant recharging so that he didn’t miss a thing.) He loved fredlet, his kittens, tech podcasts and the color pink. And he loved the Weetacon Tribe. So for 2013, our nametags were pink in honor of Tex.
He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.


Location: Oakland, CA
Interests: fredlet, Technology, iPods, Wrist watches.
Nickname/Alternate name: Tex
Significant Other: fredlet
Random Fact: Earth is below my feet, Sky is above my head.
Secret Super Power: Getting things off the top shelf.
Attending: Weetacon VII, Weetacon VII
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: fredlet said to. I told fredlet I must go.
Thing I’m most nervous about: fredlet
My impressions of Weetacon are: I love it.
When we meet, ask me about: My latest watch…


wedding day
wedding day

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