Location: Minneapolis, MN

Interests: Web Development, Photography, Running, Biking without training wheels

Nickname/Alternate name:

Website: http://www.jorietappa.com

Blog: http://www.silver-leaves.org

Facebook: when we’re BFF’s, I’ll add you

Twitter: jorietappa

Significant Other:

Random Fact: I can’t go under water without plugging my nose.

Secret Super Power: Tripping over objects that aren’t there

Attended: Weetacon VII, Weetacon VIII

Favorite Bad Bar Song: Sweet Caroline

Best Weetacon Memory: Drunken sleigh ride! I learned “the Doctor” makes everything better, and saw that my home town can actually be kind of cool when filled with the right people!

I’m usually the one who…: Is shy and quiet until I get used to all the awesome people around me

Funniest Weetacon Incident: I may not have followed the $10 rule before bad bar which caused me to be very drunk, very quickly… halfway through the night someone took a photo of my bus buddy Dave and I, I saw the photo and told him to put it on facebook, he said he couldn’t because it was a digital camera and couldn’t connect to facebook, and I told him to “Try harder!” then I passed out in the booth. At least that’s how I’m told it went down!

Weetathlon Awards: I don’t think I have any…?

Known for at Weetacon: “Try HARDER”

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