Raffle #25: Hot Stuff from Crooked Acres

Robyn Anderson, everyone’s favorite cat blogger at bitchypoo.com, is living her dream on an Alabama farm. In addition to caring for her tribe of foster and permanent resident cats as well as a slew of chickens, two dogs and a few pigs, Robyn grows a tremendous garden. Now one lucky Weetaconner can benefit from that bountiful Alabama harvest by winning these eight delicious homemade half-pints of spicy jams and jellies: Scorchin’ Strawberry-Habanero, Blazin’ Blackberry-Habanero, Apricot Agony Habanero, Painapple Habanero, Cranberry Cruelty Habanero, Purgatory Peach Habanero, Ragin’ Raspberry-Habanero, and Napalm Jam. Plus, you’ll also get a bottle of her Sweet Temptation Habanero Sauce.

For more details on the ingredients and flavors, visit Robyn’s Crooked Acres site.

So you don’t have to wrangle these delicious delectables through airport security, the winning raffle ticket holder’s name and address will be provided to Robyn after Weetacon and the entire set will be shipped directly to you by the end of March.

Retail Value: $40.00

Donated by Robyn Anderson

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