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fredlet’s Igigi review

I had the luxury of test driving several Igigi dresses recently.
I have an hourglass figure, however, I am rather foreshortened so most dresses tend to make me look like a potato despite my actually having a defined waistline. The fact that I wear different sized tops than pants/skirts tends to ensure a dress either fits on top or bottom, but not both. It’s a bit dispiriting to say the least.
Try a skirt with the shirt tucked in, you say? I look like Ed Grimley when I do that. No thanks.
I know that many of my friends of widely varied body types and sizes have had pretty much universal success with the Igigi dresses so I thought I’d give it a try. On advice from Wendy, I chose the Francesca dress.
V-necks work well for me, the skirt part was a bit longer which works with my extra leg length (I am long legged for my height, shortest torso ever though…) the only thing I thought might be an issue was the empire waist as in the past they have been problematic.
They were out of my originally guestimated size (see their size/measuring chart), though frankly, I think that I was in between sizes so it turned out to be in my favor moving to the next range up.
When I tried on the dress I was amazed.
I’m not a girly girl, I will wear a dress when needed but really I am all about outdoor wear. Part of the reason I hate wearing girl clothes is that most of them require you to be trapped in a girdle, have your boobs served up on a platter or don’t allow for any variation of the female form for dresses to flow well. All of that adds up to being uncomfortable the entire time you are wearing a dress.
The Igigi dress looked amazing from the minute I tried it on even without “foundation” garments… which I refuse to wear. (Though I did wear a slip when I put it on for the evening to make certain I wouldn’t have lines-not that I would have, the dress is fully lined.) Enough cleavage without making me uncomfortable, the empire waist settled into my own waist without being floppy (the waistline wasn’t an issue at all since Igigi actually expects women to have boobs and designs accordingly), the flow of the skirt was elegant all on its own… and it was comfortable. I was a little astonished.
You know how you see dresses on models but you put the same dress on and it looks nothing like the picture on the web? This did not happen.
Then I tried on the other 2 dresses and had the same success with both of them as well. 3 in a row? Crazy talk!

Here’s what I tried:

Dress 1: Francesca in black

Their model in the dress. Me in the dress:

© IGIGI, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved.

Dress 2: Boulangerie in Richelieu blue

Their model in the dress. Me in the dress:

© IGIGI, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved.

Dress 3: Isobel in garnet

Their model in the dress. Me in the dress:

© IGIGI, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved.

I had to update my pictures to ones taken in daylight  (it wasn’t Jorie’s fault that I chose all dark dresses…heh. The other photos didn’t let you see the detail of the garments… also my hair was atrocious.) but I like the fact that my awesome boots work with all the dresses rather than requiring heels.
And nary a potato in sight.
I also hear from Wendy that these dresses travel really well. I have an Eagle Creek packing envelope that I used to bring these home and when I pulled the dresses out from it they still looked perfect. This bodes well for business as well as personal travel as I don’t tend to do high maintenance clothing.
I don’t know if I am adequately expressing just how cool I think these dresses are, I was setting my expectations (as I normally do with dresses) to be a little disappointed at the divide between how well things fit the beautiful models on the website/catalog/what have you and what it looks like on me. Also that it didn’t take 5 people to put me into a dress what with all the straps and buttons that normally are required for dresses. I wasn’t disappointed and oh, isn’t that nice?

Here’s the fun part, Igigi wants to give a lucky winner chosen randomly from comments here a $50 gift certificate! De-lurk yourself for this one, babe, its worth it! Comments will be closed  THU April 7th and I will use the fabulous WordPress plug-in written by Jennette to determine the random winner (and will post here after). One entry per person on this post, thanks!

Good luck to you all!


[Oh and just for full disclosure, I got to take these dresses home. But my opinions are all my own… like you can tell me anything anyway. Thank you IGIGI!] 



======THE WINNER=====

The winner on “fredlet’s Igigi review” is:

Laurie Ann

I love all of the clothes — so beautiful and modern! Then I perused the accessory section — oh my! I love the Regalia Champagne Hard Body Clutch — a must-have.
Submitted on 2011/04/01 at 12:32 pm

We’ll coordinate with Igigi to get you your gift certificate



  • tiff said:

    You look FABULOUS! As another ‘outdoor’ type gal, I can sympathize with the dress thing, but here you not only look great but comfortable too. The fact that your sweet boots work with all of them is icing on the three-tiered cake.

  • ladyloo said:

    Seriously, I think I can say we were all a wee bit shocked when you walked out in the Francesca dress, fred. That dress was made for you.

  • Susan G said:

    I’m so jealous of the Francesca! You look amazing in the dresses (especially with the wind in your hair. Wow.

  • Dabney said:

    I really like the new Sachi dresses. The print looks really nice, and you could probably dress it up or down. I would definitely wear it to my SIL’s wedding in June, but could also wear it to the office or to dinner with my husband.

    I also like the Boulangerie dress.

  • Harmony said:

    That Boulangerie dress is so cute. You look fantastic is all of them!

    I really REALLY want to win some Igigi cash now, because my wardrobe needs a sexy little lift!

  • Melinda said:

    Fred, you looked SO GREAT in those dresses. You need to wear more dresses that are made right. 🙂

    I myself and jealous, jealous, jealous of that Isobel dress on you. SO LOVELY! But I really, really want the Vilenna dress for my work wardrobe. It’s pretty much the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated to bend my coworkers to my will.

  • Bozoette Mary said:

    You look wonderful in all three! I am lusting (deadly sin, heh) over the Sachi dress in purple, myself. (I am never missing another Weetacon, ever.)

  • Stephanie said:

    You look stunning! I would say which I liked best but honestly you look fantastic in each one, and each a slightly different form of fantastic. Personality-wise, that Isobel dress captures your “sassy.” 🙂

  • Suzy Smith said:

    Those dresses look fabulous! I really love the last one.

  • Cat said:

    You look gorgeous in the Francesca dress!

  • Kari said:

    Fred – I am so so so so SAD that I missed seeing you looking all stunning! The dresses fit you amazingly, and the Boulangerie dress so fabulous! [hugs] Miss you! PS – where did you have the photos taken?

  • Jas said:

    I like the red color best on you! I’d love to try The Boulangerie Wrap Dress for church and other “slightly dressy” social functions.

  • Kelli said:

    I really love the Francesca. Sexy!

  • JennB33 said:

    Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not as striking and beautiful as their model – all three of these look amazing on you!
    I’m representing my company at the James Beard Awards in New York the first weekend in May – because our cookbook is nominated for an award – and would love to represent igigi in the Isobel dress in garnet.
    Thank you for this opportunity! And keep looking gorgeous!!

  • Mare said:

    The Francesca on you is so gorgeous. Like, really, really fantastic!

    I am longer of leg and shorter of torso… I think I need to give it a whirl!

  • Robin said:

    I love all three dresses on you. I initially thought I’d go for the Francesca, but then I saw the Boulangerie, I changed my mind. Lovely dresses all the way around.

  • Karen said:

    You look gorgeous! I have that Francesca dress and I agree that it is fabulous. It’s my go-to dress for everything. But I’d like to have another go-to dress, and that would be the Tres Chic – I love the print and everyone’s reviews make it sound great!

  • suzanna danna said:

    I swaw these pictures before the review was posted and I demanded that she wear RED every day. Damn girl, that Isobel dress on you is THE BOMB.
    I love my skirts and dress too…. but I really really really want the Ishiko Top in Chocolate. Mrow. Reversible belt!

  • Jessi said:

    Fred, you looked so, so pretty. You need to knit up some glam knitwear to rock with your fashion! Awesome!

    I am currently lusting after the Bardot jacket and pencil skirt for business purposes, since I have decided that Igigi will allow me to dress like a grown-up when I’m at school. 🙂

  • Jennette said:

    This is me commenting, hoping I will win (and kinda wishing I’d inserted some backdoor code to manipulate that Giveaway plugin 🙂 Kidding! Sort of.)

  • Deb Zwez said:

    The Boulangerie Wrap Dress in Merlot Grape:

    ‘A dress I could rock!
    Wrap me in merlot grape cloth,
    Fashionable Me!’

  • KarenD said:

    I especially love Isobel on you! I have my eye on the Elianne Top in Purple for work.

  • Teresa said:

    The Boulangerie Wrap Dress is such a great dress. You look great in it. I’d love to get the navy blue one.

  • IGIGI rocks my world x3 « That's My Bix! said:

    […] some jaunty pockets. Also, this is one of those dresses that goes great on different body types:  Fredlet is probably five inches shorter than I am, and Ladyloo has got at least three inches on me, and yet […]

  • Amanda D. said:

    Love. Seeing you in the Boulangerie makes me want it even more. Thanks for the chance!

  • Jessica Sides said:

    Love love seeing that first dress, that is a great look on you!

  • Jessica Sides said:

    dang forgot the garment thing I would wear!

    I think I would totally wear the Gianna Dress to my girlfriend’s wedding this summer..

  • Sara said:

    I love the Babette Curvy

  • kristy said:

    needlegrrl at gmail

    the gloria dress is fab! I might even wear it to work, but could definitely wear it out to dinner with my husband!

  • Angela said:

    I’ve always wanted to try Igigi but just never did. I love the Gloria Dress in Bordeaux or Sachi in Merlot. I think either would be perfect for a upcoming wedding I have to attend in June!

  • Alice said:

    I love your descriptions! I’m getting more and more tempted by the boulangerie dress, but someone mentioned weddings, and I think that I may need to expand my horizons, since the Wedding Outfit I’ve been wearing for years is getting a wee bit tired…

  • Laurie Ann said:

    I love all of the clothes — so beautiful and modern! Then I perused the accessory section — oh my! I love the Regalia Champagne Hard Body Clutch — a must-have.

  • Erica Best said:

    i love the Gianna Dress so cute.

  • Megan M said:

    All three look really great!

  • Shana said:

    Such awesome dresses! I would love the chance to win the GC and make one of them mine : )
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Kim said:

    Wow, I really had my heart set on the Francesca and was glad to see that on you, the neckline and shoulders didn’t look quite as revealing as the dress did on the model. Then I saw you in the garnet Isobel, which I never would have looked at. You really look great and I’m going to have to make a decision… or buy both ;P

  • Jane said:

    I would love the Tres Chic in black and white for a night out-on-the-town. You all look so great!

  • christine said:

    I love the Isobel on you. So pretty.

  • Melissa C said:

    Hmmm…I wasn’t too sure about the Isobel dress until I saw your picture. Love it!!! That’s what I would pick (I think) and I would wear it to work. 🙂

  • Laura D. said:

    Love the Boulangerie wrap dress! That colour is gorgeous.

  • Beth said:

    I’m loving the Babette Curvy now that someone mentioned it. But you look nothing potato-like-at-all in those dresses m’dear! Especially the red one, you should wear that color always!



  • fredlet (author) said:

    ======Comment Entry for the Contest Ends here========

    Thanks for all the great commentary (and the lovely comments! this was really fun!)

    Winner has been sent to W. and I’ll announce it soon!

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