Location:  Palm Harbor, FL

Interests:  Reading, painting, restaurants that serve awesome breakfast, watching far too much TV.

Nickname/Alternate name:  My full name is Sharon. My maiden name was Cox. Put them together to figure out why no one calls me Sharon except my mother.

Facebook: Shae Gleason

Twitter:  @slickery but I post there about as often as one sees a purple unicorn

Significant Other:  none

Random Fact:  I once burned my eye with lye making soap.  (This caused some confusion among co-workers so let me clarify that I am not now nor have I ever been Amish.)

Secret Super Power:  I can make my eyes vibrate and rotate my arms so my elbows bend inward.

Attended: Weetacon VIII, Weetacon IX

Best Weetacon Memory:  Jane turning to me at the start of the hayride and saying, “Tell me everything about yourself.”

I’m usually the one who…:  Gathers all the empty glasses to return to the bar.

Funniest Weetacon Incident:  Karen reviving the creepy belly button circling during the IGIGI fashion show.

Weetathlon Awards:  Best New Artist (Karaoke), Laser Tag MVP, Most Creative Raffle Prize

Known for at Weetacon:  Having a lot of turquoise shirts.

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  1. So if I mentioned an “Amish Koozie”, you may or may not know what I’m talking about… Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend!!!!

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