Location: Pittsburgh, PA. It’s better than it sounds.

Interests: Reading, baking, film-festival-ing which is totally a word, gardening, speculative fiction, making up songs about my cats.

Nickname/Alternate name: None.

Website: See: blog. I also mess around too much on Tumblr at http://cups-of-tea-and-history.tumblr.com/.

Blog: Newly resurrected at http://www.msanthropy.com/blog/

Facebook: None

Twitter: @scbecker (private, but I’m happy to add Weetacon people)

Significant Other: Len, a.k.a. “Len”

Random Fact: I learned to knit once when I was very drunk, knit most of a scarf because I am apparently a Party Animal when I drink, and have never since been able to knit a single stitch.

Secret Super Power: Cat whispering.

Attending: Weetacon 2013

Reason I’m attending Weetacon: Twitter told me to, and I take more of my life direction from Twitter than is strictly healthy.

Thing I’m most nervous about: Being unbelievably socially awkward like that time in second grade when the boys all saw my slip and I ran and hid in the locker room. Maybe I should pack a nice slip just in case?

My impressions of Weetacon are:  I don’t actually know much about it. There will be fun people there? And snow? And karaoke which I will probably not do unless the bar is somehow stocked with a wide-ranging selection of showtunes and/or Italian arias.

When we meet, ask me about: Bon Jovi vs. Springsteen: Who gives out the best Halloween candy? Or: How to construct the perfect film festival schedule. Or: the time I ALMOST was a big Broadway star but then wasn’t. Or the time I found an abandoned stove full of seventies porn. Or cats. Or books. Or my thoughts on the Oxford comma. I contain multitudes, I’m just a little shy about them at first.

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  1. With this group, the thing you listed most likely to start a brawl would be debates about the Oxford comma. 70s porn is always a sure winner, though.

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