When you come to Weetacon, you need to keep in mind that we’ve turned almost everything into some kind of competition, including drinking. Welcome to the world of Drink, Bitch.

Rule #1: Be the first to correctly name the artist of the song that is playing at any given time.

And that’s it! If you are first, you get to tell someone to “DRINK, BITCH!” and if you’re not…well, we hope you’ve got a ride home, since you’ll be the one doing the drinking. Be careful about getting too cocky about being first though: if you shout out the artist and you’re challenged, you’ll suffer a penalty of the challenger’s choosing (and also, be mocked mercilessly until we see something shiny to distract us). By the way, we don’t care if that’s alcohol, soda or water in your glass, but you DO have to drink. Bitch.

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