Location:  Sacramento, CA
Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers
Interests: Being crafty (Cross-Stitching & Knitting), baking, board games, The Good Place, The Office, Doctor Who, Walking/Running, CNN News, Broadway Musicals, and reading.  
Nickname/Alternate Name:  Joley, Jols, Jo
Website:  www.jolenelavine.com 
Facebook: Jolene Lavine
Twitter: JoleneLavine
Instagram:  JoleneLavine
Good Reads:  Jolenelavine
Significant Other: Jesse
Random Fact: I have an addiction to Post-It Notes.  I don’t care how many I currently own, I will always buy more if I see them on display at a store. 
Secret Super Power:  Seamlessly working quotes from The Good Place or The Office into conversation. 
Reason I’m attending Weetacon:  To be amongst royalty
Thing I’m Most Nervous About: I honestly can’t think of anything, probably because it’s from home this year. 
My impressions of Weetacon are: Still that I’m not nearly cool enough to attend. 
When we meet, ask me about:  How I’m doing on my works-in-progress goals. 
Best Weetacon Memory:  The sleigh ride!  I don’t care that I fell on ice, that experience was amazing AF. 
Favorite Bad Bar Song:  Sweet Caroline 
I’m usually the one who:  Butchers the karaoke song she’s sure she’ll nail. 
Funniest Weetacon Incident:  Jorie’s karaoke performance of “Let The Bodies Hit the Floor”. 
Weetacons Attended:  2014


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  1. Bring some LUSH to St. Brendan’s; the baths are DIVINE.

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