Ever since the inaugural Weetacon, Esteban’s parents have taken us under their wings and made sure that we are fed well and kept warm during out Green Bay Adventures. Not only does June spend a week cooking for all of us, one year Ward showed up to help out 24 hours after an allergic reaction that led to an emergency trip to the hospital. Now THAT is dedication to the cause!

Because of their continued support of all of us, June and Ward have become the Official Weetacon Team Parents so don’t be surprised if you hear more than one person hollering for Mom or Dad.We can’t imagine Weetacon without them so we’re awfully glad that they are planning to be a part of the festivities as long as we’ll have them!

Here’s a little more about them from an interview we did in 2013…

How did the two of you meet? And how long have you been married?
We met when I was dating a friend of his.  Steve said it was love at first sight, and while I thought he was cute, I was more cautious with my feelings. That was exactly a month before he was scheduled to go to Vietnam.  We dated every night for that month and I waited for him and wrote to him during that year. I had no choice, by the time the month was over, I was in love with him.  He bought me a diamond while in Vietnam and when Steve Jr was to be married we passed that stone to him for Wendy’s ring.  We have now been married for 43 years, soon to be 44 in April. I hope I get to spend a lot more years with this wonderful man.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Wisconsin?
Our favorite thing about living in Wisconsin is the radical change of seasons.  The lovely soft falling of a first snowfall to the welcome first sprouts of life in the spring.  The lush green, green, green of summer and of course anyone who’s ever seen our fall foliage would want to see those gorgeous leaves again. They are unbelievable in their brilliant reds yellows and oranges.

Why did you pick a dragonfly for your matching tattoos?
We both love dragonflies.  They are fierce little warriors of the air.  They can catch mosquitos  while flying, and each one can eat many, many Mosquitos a day.  We see them all the time around the pool and they are beautiful, with iridescent wings and colored green or red bodies. That’s why dragonflies adorn both our bodies as tats.

What’s your favorite activity to do for fun?
Being outdoors on the deck and in the pool has got to be our favorite recreation. We spend many hours every day, swimming and laying around the deck lunching, reading and sleeping in the open air.  Traveling to warm climates in the winter would be our second favorite thing.

Do either of you have any crafty hobbies?
I have made many stained glass windows.  Many relatives, friends and neighbors and businesses have windows in their houses  or shops that I made. I also carve glass with a sandblaster.  I made many glass nameplates for people and they are spread over the U.S. .  I’ve used the sandblaster to carve pictures for people of their dogs and outdoor landscapes. I sold some at Goldrusk kennels and have sold items in a Door County glasshouse.  One of my passions is working outside in my flower beds.  I was a farmer’s daughter and I guess love of gardening will always be with me.

Steve has honed his furniture making for the last several years and is really quite skilled. He made me and Wendy things we wanted and couldn’t get elsewhere.  He also considers anything broken, a challenge.  In almost all cases he can fix whatever it is. He has done many things in Steve Jr’s  house to remodel it.  They expanded the kitchen and built shelving in closets not to mention redoing the whole outside of their house. He is my own personal professional handyman, every women’s dream.

What is your favorite part of Weetacon?
Our favorite part of Weetacon has got to be the raffle.  Steve loves picking the numbers and its such fun to see people win things.

What’s the best raffle prize you’ve ever won at the Weetacon Raffle?
I’ve won a bottle of Kentucky bourbon one year and gave it to a lovely lady sitting next to me. We love seeing all the old faces and some new ones every year. They are truly wonderful people we are privileged to have as friends.

Any advice for the first time attendees for this year?
First time attendees, dress warmly, come with an open mind and have a ball.  What goes on at Weetacon will eventually be known by everyone at Weeetacon, Ha Ha!  We would love for you to become part of the “tribe”.  You’ll get to know what a fun, loving family everyone is. Come every year for a wonderful party and break in the long winter period.  All are welcome!!!

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