Membership Is For Life
Annual Dues: $0

Over the past 8 years, our ragtag gathering of eclectic personalities has grown into a tight-knit group that has taken on the title of The Weetacon Tribe. As a Weetacon attendee, you are automatically granted membership into the Tribe!  There’s no initiation ritual, there’s no membership fees, there’s just a circle of friends and network of support.

The Weetacon Tribal Fund (aka WTF) started when a few attendees started rounding up their registration fees and told Wendy to use it to help people out if they couldn’t afford the registration but really wanted to come. In the past two years alone, people have rounded up their registration fees enough to raise $387 to cover 4 Weetacon registrations!

The WTF has grown over the years to become a place for us to donate money to be used when one of the Tribe members needs to be reminded that we’re all still here for them. Since the fall of 2009, the WTF has raised over $1500 which has been used to send flowers to Weetacon tribal members due to family loss, illness and new babies 15 times as well as make donations to charity in in the name of lost loved ones like our beloved Tex.

The WTF is still administered by Wendy Bix (with help from Mike!), and will continue to exist as long as the Tribe wants it to. If you are interested in donating to the fund, contact Wendy Bix at any time….it’s a year round thing!

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