Kari shops for her Weetacon 2014 IGIGI picks

Every year, when January and early February roll around, all I can think about is seeing all my amazing, and lovely Weetacon friends.  Really, I can’t begin to tell  you what an amazing bunch of people they are and how much fun we have!  The activites that are planned are SO awesome, but this is one of the activities that I always love seeing, and this year, participating in the for the second time.

One of the yearly squee-worthy activities is the IGIGI Fashion Show!  SQUEE!  Oh my gosh ladies and gents, Igigi clothing is the best!   Igigi makes the most amazing plus sized clothing.  Really folks, AH-MAAAAA-ZING clothing.  These ain’t your Great Aunt Bea’s plus sized dresses!  Dresses, (Day, work, evening and cocktail dress) separates and wedding gowns cut gorgeously for the generously curved ladies.

So, this year, when I was perusing the Igigi website daydreaming about Weetacon and the fashion show, my 6 year old daughter decided that she was going to help me choose my dress.  She was gasping in delight over the dresses, and couldn’t wait to see me in a dress.  (She also thought we were going to have a fashion show like in Paris or New York, photographers snapping photos, people packed in, models walking the cat walk and making very serious faces.)  She was devastated when I told her it was a little different, and that she wasn’t going to be there. She dramatically threw herself face down, sobbing her little broken heart out on the couch. It was SO awesome!  She was somewhat mollified with the promise of lots of photos and a ring-pop.

In case you were wondering which dresses my daughter picked for me (You know you want to know!) and her comments, here they are!

Chelsea Dress in Fuego “Mom, you’ll look like you are on FIRE! I never saw a dress that looks like fire!”
Drew Dress “I like the way it shimmers, and goes from that pretty green to grey.  Yep, I like that dress.”
Ever After Wedding Dress  “GAAAASP!  Mama!  That is the dress you need to wear to the fashion show!  Look at the bow in the back!  It has floaty lace at the front!  And it is higher in the front too!  Dresses can do that?  Then you can wear fancy shoes like that lady!  You need to get that dress so you can marry Daddy again! (gives me a big hug)  Awwww…..”
All in all, she picked some awesome dresses!

Now, I took advantage of the ShapeStylist option on the website, and found out that I am an oval. I love that the ShapeStylist then shows you all of the dresses that flatter your shape!  After much hand wringing and internal debate, I was able pick my three favorite dresses:

Carmen Top in Sumi-e: I really love the idea of having a nice top that can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with a pair of slacks or jeans.  The bold print over the faux cami is a nice touch, and the details like the split tail in the back, and the bit of gathering at the waist is kicky.
Garnet Dress in Crystal: I love the colors of the dress and the faux-wrap style in the front.  I’ve always loved the look of wrap dresses.
Dani Dress:  I really like the color blocking of the dress and again, the faux-wrap front makes me happy.

Now the wait starts…which dress with Igigi send me?  Oooo….the anticipation for Weetacon has just increased!  See you soon, pretty pretty clothes!
Which should I pick? Head over to IGIGI.com and check out their designs. Did I miss something? Voice out in the comments!

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  1. I am going to go with dress two followed by 3. I like the pattern on two and you can go so many ways with it.

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