Everyone knows the four food groups are coffee, booze, sugar, and dairy. What better way could there be to relive the nutritional marvel that is Weetacon than to bring a little concentrated essence back to your hometown? Well, the good folks at Natural 20 Brewing (Scotty Boom Boom, co-proprietor) have the answer for you! I present to you a marvel of modern food science. Years of painstaking research starting with an old family recipe shared by natives of the uncharted North have produced a fine curative tonic with no equal: homemade Kahlua.

To ensure that you and your family can remain in peak health, this raffle item contains one liter of this wondrous restorative elixir. Even better, for those of you who may be travelling upon the futuristic conveyances known as “aeroplanes”, I am willing to ship this back to your residence. Note that the packaging may be slightly mislabeled to protect the precious contents from prying eyes or those who proclaim in the name of quackery, “All that sugar will give you diabetes!” or “You can’t ship alcohol by mail, you scofflaw!”

For best application, this tonic should be mixed with a small quantity of half-and-half or even better, heavy cream, in about three parts tonic to one part dairy. It will continue to mellow out for years if kept in a cool, dark place – but its life-giving powers are too strong for most people to resist that long.

Retail Value: $25.00

Donated by Scott

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