If you have enjoyed the Weetacon Wit or previous brews, how would you feel about two cases of a Natural 20 Exclusive brew? Weetacon’s own Scott will brew five gallons of any beer of the winner’s choosing. (Details can be worked out post-raffle.)

Footnote #1: the only limits are that it has to be beer and it can’t use lactobacillus, pediococcus, brettanomyces, etc. for fear of contaminating his brew gear. Depending on the style of beer, it may or may not fit well in the brewing schedule as he has a few brews pre-committed this year.

Footnote #2: shipping beer is difficult or illegal depending on the shipper and during high summer beer skunks fast in a box truck. Hand delivery can be made to anyone as close as Madison/the Twin Cities/Chicago. If it has to ship, delivery or quality cannot be guaranteed. Otherwise, it may be possible to collect it at a future GB event (Garage Party ’14 at Scott’s house, August, you’re invited!) or Weetacon ’15.

Retail Value: $50.00

Donated by Scott

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