Shae gets excited about IGIGI at Weetacon 2014

I’m really excited to go to Weetacon again at the end of the month and see so many friends.  Again this year I’m so excited to participate in a fashion show sponsored by IGIGI, simply the best plus-sized designer out there.  Not only are her designs beautiful they are manufactured in the U.S.  Last year I was got the beautiful Gwenth dress.  I’ve got two other IGIGI dresses I love now for work too (both discontinued).  This year I’m excited about the IGIGI separates.  We’re business casual at work so the times I need to wear a dress  are few.  But I still want to look professional and put together because I go to a lot of meetings.  I’ll be wearing this item at the Weetacon kick off night so I want to look glam but not like I’m about to bust out a Powerpoint presentation on small business stats.
Below are my top three choices for what I hope to get to model this year.  Take a look and tell me which item you think would look best for me, and what items you think would work for your work/party events.

Far and above all others my first choice is this lovely Lexa jacket.  It’s exactly what I need for work.  I have no suit jackets right now so I wear a lot of cardigans to meetings.  I love cardigans but sometimes I feel a little frumpy in them.  This jacket I can wear with any combination of shirt/pants in my closet to jazz up for a meeting.  Plus I think it would great with jeans and the Greenwich top I just got for the kick off party. (BTW, I LOVE that top.  So flattering, great pattern, never wrinkles.)

Next up is this adorable Carmen top in the Sumi-e color.  I like it with the black pants as shown but it would like great with jeans too.  On the days I wear jeans to work I like to have a fancier top than I might usually wear.  The neckline also means I won’t have to spend making sure the girls aren’t being too forward.

Finally, I adore this Luella Infinity Tunic in Emerald.  I’m fascinated by the concept that you can wear it wrapped as shown or with a princess knot like my Gweneth dress.  Plus it’s another piece that will work with jeans or dress pants.

Chime in and let me know what you think!

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  1. Shae.


    I get why you want the black jacket but really? Igigi has all this fantastic stuff and you want a black jacket? And then the black and white top? Too bland. I would like to see you in all the bright stuff and none of the black or white stuff.

    However, I respect your decisions and will compliment you on whatever you pick because I am an asshole and I love you i’m sorry

  2. I love that emerald top, it’s far and away above everything else you got there.

  3. The emerald top looks fabulous!

  4. Jane you are a nut and I love you. That emerald top is on everyone’s list though so I’m not sure of my chances.

  5. Shae, I love the Greenwich top. 🙂

  6. Oooh, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. But green is my signature color and that emerald is almost like your signature turquoise so I’m definitely partial to it.

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