Mandi reviews the Marisol and Amaryllis dresses


My first dress that I am reviewing is the Marisol Lace Dress in Truffle. I wore the dress while at a karaoke event. I paired the dress with my black tights and flats. I absolutely loved the color. The picture on the website made the flowers in the dress look a little blueish, but the dress was more of a charcoal color with steel flowers in person. I liked it a lot anyway. The dress was definitely made for someone with larger breasts, though. I have rather broad shoulders and smaller breasts and the neckline hung off of my breasts weirdly.The rest of the dress fit wonderfully though. I have an hourglass body shape and the dress definitely flattered it. I felt very comfortable in it, and that’s from someone who usually does not wear dresses. The quality of the dress was superb, and I definitely think the dress is worth $175. This dress is something that I will be wearing a lot when I go out and have drinks with my friends over the weekend. I would totally buy from IGIGI again. I thin my favorite thing about this dress would have to be the detailing in the lace and the color. The flowers are beautiful in it, and I love the added sheen in flowers on the dress to help them pop. I got a lot of compliments on the dress that night. The link to the dress that I wore is here.


The second dress that I am reviewing is the Amaryllis dress. I wore this dress out to dinner with my friends, but I think the dress would be better worn during more elegant events in the future. It looks very nice. The only thing that really surprised me was how different the color of the dress is in person, than on the website. The photo on the website makes the main body of the dress look to be a more charcoal/purplish color, when really it is rather brown. The red on the flowers is also much brighter in person than I expected from the photo on the website. I did really like how much the flowers popped on it. The dress fit me wonderfully in the bust, though the side zipper was a little awkward and it stuck out a bit. I think it would have laid flatter if I filled out the dress in the area more than I did. I really liked the length of the sleeves on the dress. The dress felt a little heavier, and I appreciated that as well. The one thing I would definitely change on the dress is the side zipper. It was really rather bulky, though my fiancée informed me that she couldn’t tell and it was more of a personal comfort thing. I wore this dress with my black tights and copper flats. In the future, I would wear this dress to more formal events as it really does look rather fancy. I think it is worth the price of $250.The flowers are definitely my favorite thing on the dress. They remind me a little of poppies and those are one of my favorite flowers. The link to this dress can be found right here.

And guess what….IGIGI is going to give one lucky commenter on this review a $50 gift certificate! Here’s how it works: Go to the IGIGI website and pick out your ideal dress for a special occasion, important business meeting, date night or what have you. Then leave a comment on this review, telling us which garment YOU want and where you plan on wearing it. You can increase your chances of winning an IGIGI gift certificate by leaving comments on each of the other Weetacon IGIGI reviews. Comments must be received by April 20 at midnight PST. Winners will be notified and announced on this page and the IGIGI at Weetacon 2014page by April 25th.

And the winner is  Corinna!  Congratulations! IGIGI will be in touch with your gift certificate soon!

Mandi IGIGI 2014 random winner

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  1. I like both of these dresses on you. For me, I want either the Hayleigh or the Wren Wrapdress.

  2. Mandy looks wonderful in both dresses but I prefer the Amaryllis dress. Very flattering as I’ve found most if not all of Igigi dresses are. Love them!

  3. I really love the Cadence Dress in Black/Ivory ( I would wear it to my college graduation in May (ahhhhhh, I don’t want to grow up). A lot of my friends are talking about graduation dresses, and I think it’s a bit much to make a big deal about it, but I thought this dress was really classic looking and looks like it would be flattering for my apple shape, and I would love to wear it 🙂

  4. That Amaryllis dress really is lovely and perfect for anything requiring fancy. I’m definitely pining for the Deora dress for work.

  5. Amaryllis is very pretty but yeah it does give off a super fancy vibe. Marisol is also pretty and seems more versatile.

    I’m wanting the Luella Tunic in Emerald to wear to work; I’d be the fanciest person in any meeting around here.

  6. Those are both great dresses to have in the closet for any fancy event that calls for a little glamour. I’ve been eyeballing the Nencia lace dress in Navy for that reason…..always nice to have something that can be daytime fancy or nighttime glamorous around!

  7. Both these dresses look great on you! I’ve got my eye on the Thalia gown in Rose Garden that’s in the new Look Book, or the Jadyn Maxi Dress. Either one would be perfect for my high school reunion this summer!

  8. The Amaryllis definitely looks better on you, but I bet we could get the other one altered to not be so huge in the breast area.

    I’m looking to expand my workwear collection, I would love to own the Monroe Skirt in Navy, and the Belmont Skirt in Ebony Damask. A Mena Jacket in Navy would also be great!

  9. I love lace and the Marisol dress looks great on you. I personally love the Fayette dress in Merlot. So pretty for a nice dinner out.

  10. I think both dresses look great on you, but that Amaryllis dress really pops out! I bet you could wear the Marisol dress out to work (if it’s not too formal a work environment) by just popping a solid-color cardigan on top of it – a cardigan that ties in the front would look nice. Maybe style it too with funky black or grey tights and black Doc Martens. Would be a little eccentric but I’ve seen another blogger pull that style off with awesome effect for Igigi dresses that would otherwise seem too dressy to me for daywear – just ideas and I love style blogs for ideas! The Marisol is a nice, neutral understated color so I really think it could transition to artsy-funky work/daywear. The Amaryllis dress is just plain beautiful and fits you perfectly – but I agree that it’s pretty dressy – but hey – people should wear what they want when they want!

    Well, I’ve been saying that I really want the Olympia Maxi Dress in mint-green, but Igigi just posted a picture of an upcoming maxi dress that uses the same fabric as the Olympia but has sleeves – so that’s the one I’d probably choose. Igigi is to curvy fashion as a candy store is to sugar addicts.

  11. Both are just as pretty as can be on you! I’m lusting after the Janus dress in pink pindot. Mostly because I like saying and typing “pink pindot”, but also because it would look great at work and give me excuse to buy pink shoes.

  12. Ooh, both of those look great on you! I especially like the color in the first one! I am looking at the Vintage Polka Dot for summer this year.

  13. Gorgeous! I must have the Letta Dress in Mandarin Rose.

  14. Both dresses are so pretty on you!

    It is hard to narrow down my favorite to one. I love the nico skirt in midnight sahara (with matching top) and the jadyn maxi dress (I LOVE blue and purple!) My niece is turning 1 in a couple weeks, so a brand-new pretty dress would be terrific to wear to her birthday party. (I’m also eying the faux leather front leggings for an “everyday” look.)

  15. I love the first dress! I think the color lends itself to being able to make it a bit more office-friendly, depending on how it is accessorized (cardigan and a belt, maybe?).

    I really want to check out the Nico skirt in Midnight Sahara, though. I love wearing skirts to work and I think the print is amazing!

  16. Both of those dresses look amazing on you! Upon further review, I’m dying over the Navy/Daffodil dress. It is amazing and I LOVE IT! I’m also a fan of the Tiffany dress in all its pretty colors!

  17. I want the meinani maxi dress to wear this summer. The colors and print are so summery. Love it.

  18. They both look fantastic on you! I love the marisol dress in pomegranate. I have a very fancy wedding that I’m attending this summer and it would be perfect.

  19. Love all of them. You look fantastic and amazing in both dresses. I’d say yes to the Tiffany dress or the Amaryllis dress. It would be hard to choose.

  20. That Marisol dress is really lovely on you.

    I think I would choose the Isis dress for work; my work wardrobe could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

  21. I love both dresses on you! I have my eye on the Deora.

  22. You look amazing. I love the color of the second dress so much.

    I really want the Linea Plus Size Maxi Dress in Vermillion. That color is gorgeous.

  23. Lovely! That Amaryllis dress is so pretty.

    I keep coming back to the Deora. I’d wear it with red accessories for date night.

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