Raffle #11: Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whisky

From Forbes:

“The top of the line product is Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. While Number 7, Green Label and Gentleman Jack are all “mingled,” or blended from a hundred or more barrels (but with no additives, just a way to smooth out barrel to barrel variances, like the “vatting” of single malt Scotch whiskies), single barrel is just that, the unique and one-time result of a specific barrel.

“Whereas we are looking for consistency in Number Seven and Gentleman Jack, we welcome singularity in every barrel of Single Barrel, and Mother Nature takes care of that for us. The wood varies and the temperature varies and the result can range from very oaky to very sweet,” said JD’s Master Taster Jeff Norman. The Single Barrel is stored in the top of the warehouse in order to expose it the largest temperature extremes, imparting more flavor from the wood, and it typically ages for 2-3 years longer than the others. It is still sweet as whiskey goes, but at 94 proof and with more wood, it is considerably more robust.”

And to add even more awesome to this raffle item — the bottle is engraved with the 2015 Weetacon logo.

Retail Value: $83.00

Donated by Rachael

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