Raffle #28: Japanese Snack Super Nom Pack #1: Toilet Candy Edition

In this gathering, we have an assortment of Japanese snacks, straight from local Japanese supermarkets. and in keeping with the self-sufficient Japanese spirit, i invite you to make your own candy in the toilet – a tiny plastic toilet, that is. With the Mokomoko Mokoletto set, you can do just that (there are instruction videos on youtube).

Also included:
• morinaga milk caramels, as consumed by Mei in My Neighbor Totoro
• matcha pocky (green tea biscuit sticks)
• double chocolate Hello Panda cookies
• Petit Bear caramel cookies
• vanilla yam yam (biscuit sticks with vanilla cream dipping sauce)
• Milkita vanilla milkshake hard candies
• strawberry hi chew (kind of like taffy and gum)
• kasugai gummy candy, pineapple
• Michael’s favorite Pokemon coconut flavored corn puffs (way better tasting than they sound)

and last but not least, a cute little bear bowl (you can put your snacks in it. or your weed. we don’t judge.)

Retail Value: $22.50

Donated by Trish

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