Raffle #29: Japanese Snack Super Nom Pack #2: Croque d’Asses

To paraphrase Tom Skerritt in the seminal Southern classic Steel Magnolias, “I always did love a good box of croque d’asses.” And hopefully, so will you.

White chocolate croque d’asses cookies are the focus of Japanese Pack number two, which also includes:

• morinaga milk caramels, as consumed by Mei in My Neighbor Totoro
• panda pocky (white chocolate and cookie bit biscuit sticks)
• strawberry hello panda cookies
• Petit Bear oreo style cookies
• Milkita chocolate milkshake hard candies
• mango hi chew (kind of like taffy and gum)
• kasugai gummy candy, peach
• kompeito candy (traditional candies that look like small stars)
• strawberry milk hard candies
• chocorooms (biscuit sticks with mushroom cap shaped chocolate)

and a cute panda bear small bento type box to hold all your secrets.

Retail Value: $22.50

Donated by Trish

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