KrisLocation: Chicago, IL

Interests: reading, trying to be interested in running, naps

Blog:  (Though I’m terrible at keeping up with this….)


Significant Other: Chris

Random Fact: I picked up and moved to Chicago 5 years ago because I was bored of life in the South.

Secret Super Power: sleeping

Attended: Weetacon 2016, 2017

Favorite Bad Bar Song:  Polyester Bride (I swear it was played like 97 times over the course of the night, so it’s the only one I can remember)

Best Weetacon Memory:  Laughing.  So. Much. Laughing.   Oh and learning to crochet!

I’m usually the one who…:   is wearing a granny nightgown?

Funniest Weetacon Incident:  Andrea’s grandma

Weetacon Awards:  I don’t think I got one of these….

Known for at Weetacon:  being Heather’s friend.

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