Location: New York City
Interests: crafts, ceramics, jewelry design, quilting, musical theater, reading, true crime, an unhealthy fascination with cults and new religious movements (in other words, I know way too much about Scientology), way too many TV commitments, good food, so many other things.
Nickname/Alternate name: imp (from The Usual Suspects)
Website: girlingothamdesigns.com (hasn’t been updated in ages) 
Blog: girlingotham.com and girlvsinertia.com (also haven’t been updated in ages and ages)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulieNYC (Julie Blutstein)
Twitter: @grlgothamdesign
Instagram: @girlingotham (added this because I spend way more time on Instagram than Twitter)
Significant Other: If you meet him, let him know I’m looking for him.
Random Fact: I was a professional child performer
Secret Super Power: A near encyclopedic knowledge of musical theater lyrics (and I can sing many shows from beginning to end)
Attending: Weetacon 2017
Reason I’m attending Weetacon: I’ve been wanting to attend for forever and now I finally can afford to. I’ve known some of these people online for a REALLY LONG TIME and haven’t met some of them in person yet (Kevin and Melinda, Shae, KarenD, Julia Henry) and haven’t seen one of them since she abandoned me to move to California (Shawn).
Thing I’m most nervous about: Not really nervous. Mostly just excited.
My impressions of Weetacon are: Well, I was always pretty sure these were my people, but now that there’s a Hamilton Singalong, I’m certain of it.
When we meet, ask me about: Pretty much anything above (or anything…I’m pretty talkative)

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