Straight-ish from Japan, and appearing for a second time in the Weetacon raffle, it’s the Japanese Snack pack from your old pal Trish. Enjoy a taste of the far east from the comfort of your western couch! Included this year are some classics and some newer entries:

• Hello Kitty Chocopies – These are everywhere in Japan. Here, we call them Moon Pies: cookies with marshmallow filling, covered in chocolate.

• HiChew in two flavors – A tropical assortment and cherry/strawberry mix.

• A five pack of Kasugai gummies – Apple, Orange, Muscat grape, Lychee, and Purple grape.

• Tohato Anpanman Caramel Corn puffs

• Gudetama (The Laziest Egg in all of creation) custard chocolates

• Hana No Kuchizuke – Plum milk candies (Jared loves these)

• Bourbon Everyburger – tiny burgers made of chocolate and pastry

• Pokeman Puffs – Michael might fight you these. Keep your guard up. Like cheetos but sweet.

• Meiji chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered macadamia nuts

• And finally, a 5 pack of lollipops shaped like sushi. ‘Cause everyone needs some kitsch.

Retail Value: $35.00

Donated by Trish

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