Charity Raffle 2019

It’s easy: one dollar per ticket for a chance to win an item. You put your ticket in for the item that you want, so you don’t have to worry about getting a Snuggie when you really wanted the iTunes gift card. One buck, one chance, one item.

We are unable to accept cash as payment for raffle tickets. Raffle tickets can be purchased by a check or electronic donation made payable to Paul’s Pantry of Green Bay, Kathy’s House or Happily Ever After.

You can find information about our three designated charities HERE.

Your donations are made directly to the charity in question and are 100% tax deductible.  If you are making the donation directly to the charity, the receipt can be provided onsite to Shawn, the raffle chair, or a copy can be sent by email to tickets [at] weetacon [dot] com in exchange for tickets that can be picked up on the day of the raffle.

If you have any questions about donating items to the raffle, contact Shawn, the Weetacon raffle chair, by email to

2019 Raffle Items

Raffle #1: Writer Shark (doo doo doo)

Raffle #2: Dark Warrior Princess Gift Pack

Raffle #3: Real World Inspirational Signs by Chad

Raffle #4: Resume Editing Services

Raffle #5: DayGlow Defender Gift Pack

Raffle #6: Handmade Blanket

Raffle #7: Beadwoven Earrings

Raffle #8: Handknit Scarf

Raffle #9: She Believed She Could So She Did Coloring Book

Raffle #10: Around the World in 50 Pages Coloring Book

Raffle #11: The Notorious RBG Gift Pack

Raffle #12: Coach Rogue 17 Bag

Raffle #13: Basket of Southern Hospitality, Y’all

Raffle #14: Welcome to the North

Raffle #15: McCracken!

Raffle #16: Beadwoven Rose Basket

Raffle #17: Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Raffle #18: Golden Girls Funko PEZ Dispensers

Raffle #19: Bob Ross Funko PEZ Dispenser

Raffle #20: Spicy and Sweet

Raffle #21: Japanese Snackorama

Raffle #22: Trio of Hot Sauces

Raffle #23: John Boos & Co. Maple Cutting Board


Raffle #25: Therapy for Our Bearded Brethren, or: Someone Tried to Set Us Up The Balm

Raffle #26: Come Back, IKEA Monkey, All Is Forgiven

Raffle #27: Dueling Banjos

Raffle #28: Eat Trash, Drink Coffee, Be Free

Raffle #29: Embassy Suites Be My Guest Certificates

Raffle #30: Three Month Subscription —
Wisconsin Cheese Mart Cheese of the Month Club

Raffle #31: Penzeys Kind Heart Spice Box

Raffle #32: Penzeys Kind Heart Seasoning Box

Raffle #33: Handmade Hat and Scarf Set

Raffle #34: Snarky Cross Stitch Art

Raffle #35: Carry-All Bags

Raffle #36: Neapolitan Fair Isle Scarf & Hat

Raffle #37: Handmade Bowls

Raffle #38: Handmade Bowls, Part Two (EB)

Raffle #39: Plush Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors

Raffle #40: Handmade Pins and Earrings

Raffle #41: Gracie Designs Prize Pack

Raffle #42: Reading Socks and Amazon Gift Card

Raffle #43: Kalamazoo Coffee Company Maple Bacon and Soul of the South Coffee

Raffle #44: Claddagh Ring and Gold Hoop Earrings

Raffle #45: Bell’s Brewery Gift Pack

Raffle #46: Gracie Designs Gift Pack #2

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