Weetacon I

Originally called “The Green Bay Minicon”, the name was deemed far too long to slur after a night at the Bad Bar, so attendees started refering to the event as “Weetacon”. It took four years of Weet stubbornly continuing to refer to the event as the GB Minicon before finally realizing that she was the only one left calling it that.

Weetacon II

Aka “WeetaPieCon”, in honor of co-planner, Monique aka MoPie. We graduated from a short bus this year, but could not escape the brand of “Lamers”.

Weetacon III

Aka “Threetacon”. Highlights included a bus trip into Door County for wine and cheese tastings and a lot of people getting busy!

Weetacon IV

Aka “Meatacon”. We grilled our own meat, at meat sticks and held the first charity raffle to donate money to Paul’s Pantry, a non-profit food pantry that services the less fortunate citizens of Green Bay and surrounding areas.

Weetacon V

Aka “The Weetathlon Games”. It wasn’t whether you won or lost the game, it was whether you could earn points doing it. Points were bartered, friends fought, magnets won, and in the end, we all came out winners. Well, some of us more than others.

Weetacon VI

That’s this one. Are you in!?!


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