Theme of the Minicon: “Meatacon”

We were all about celebrating our inner carnivores, with the de rigeur Sunday afternoon stop out for High Maintenance hamburgers to the chili cookoff at Winterfest to the pre-bar dinner at a Grill-Your-Own steak house to the meat sticks we snacked upon on the bus. Really, though, Wendy just needed something that rhymed with ‘Weet’.


Here’s What You Missed

  • It started snowing as we left for the sleigh ride, and went quickly from pretty postcard snow to “Um, this can let up any time now, please?”. Our hosts at the sleigh ride set up a bonfire to help us warm up when they were giving the horses a break.
  • This was the inaugural year for the charity raffle. We raised over $400 for Paul’s Pantry, a non-profit GB food pantry.
  • Blair Decoteaux is very sorry that he ruined your ice sculpture.
  • Baby llamas!!!
  • The entire gang at karaoke did a group version of Sweet Caroline, in honor of Eben, who was feeling under the weather and spent karaoke night sleeping off his cold medication.
  • For the first time ever, Esteban drank too much during the sleigh ride and needed to take the bus back to Green Bay with the gang.
  • When Eben led the Bad Bar in “Sweet Caroline”, a bar patron put money in his pants.
  • The kind proprietor of the Bad Bar actually reserved the two prime tables for us this year! We have arrived!
  • Jake made an enormous green fuzzy cossack hat to wear on the sleigh ride that everyone then posed in. In the end, he gave it to Ward as a gift. Ward now wears it when he uses the snowblower, as apparently it’s very warm.
  • Jake also walked around the bar doing a scientific study of what each person smelled like and shouting the verdict: Laundry! Sweat! Dirty whore! America! Then he fell down and sprained his wrist.
  • $10 Rule Adherence: Prime Quarter Steakhouse, where attendees selected their own cuts of beef from the coolers and grilled it themselves (or had the chef do it for them)

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  1. Kevin had an embarrassing toast faux pas at the Prime Quarter (a la Douglas Adams’ biscuits story).

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