Theme: “Threetacon”

Per a suggestion from Boston Mary, we chose Threetacon as the code name for Weetacon III. It really didn’t make much sense, thematically, so we opted for name tags of snowflakes and the idea of “three below zero” as our motif but it worked. Things were in threes, supposedly, three nights, three CDs, etc.


Here’s What You Missed

  • Wisconsin weather played havoc for over half of our attendees. Flights were cancelled or delayed all over the place. Suzanna played Amazing Race, driving 120 miles over snow-covered highways just to hang out with people she’d never met. Besides, she had a green fuzzy hat to show off!
  • We switched up the schedule a little bit and had the Bad Bar night on Friday and the Sleigh Ride on Saturday. This was a lesson learned for us, as everyone found that they were a little bit too excited on Friday night and therefore, were mostly spent on Saturday, leading up to a very laid back and relaxed sleigh ride evening.
  • The first instance of the trivia contest. The left side of the bus (Left Sayid!) trumped the Starboard side, earning the first edition of the infamous Drink Bitch magnets.
  • We went wine tasting in Door County, getting lunch to go from High Maintenance hamburgers and hitting two wineries and Renard’s cheese store, where they had stocked up and had plenty of warm fresh cheese curds on hand.
  • Trance Jen had some kind of death flu and spent the entire weekend in her room, leading to rumored Trance Jen sightings all weekend.
  • Fredlet lost her wallet somewhere and had to rely on her wits and knife-skills to get back to California without it.
  • Maryan’s late plane was held at O’Hare and finally her connection to GB was canceled, forcing her to rely upon the kindness of strangers and rent a car that they then drove through Southern Wisconsin, finally getting to GB very late and without her luggage, which arrived just in time for her to leave on Sunday.
  • Still the sexiest Weetacon on the books. Until Weetacon VI, that is!
  • $10 Rule Adherence: Victoria’s Italian Ristaurante

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