Weetacon VII was held in Green Bay, WI on March 4-6, 2011.

Who Attended:

What you Missed:

  • Thanks to Igigi, we had our first Weetacon Fashion Show. The lovely ladies were given outfits to strut their stuff with while Wendy proved you don’t have to be in Chicago to have an Oprah moment.
  • Massive Donations – Raffle and Bake Sale items were provided mostly by the members of the group this year, in years past Wendy used her PR connections to get items. The range and diversity of the items  meant we couldn’t hold it at the Bar K Ranch and so it moved to the hotel ball room.
  • Tart’s & Vicars at the Bad Bar made it particularly badder than ever. No one did any Michael Jackson impressions however.  The assorted hotness melted snow.
  • Whorecat!
  • In a bout of sophistication, the tribe went Wine Tasting
  • Tattoo One UpManship was in full throttle
  • The group went on a visit to Paul’s Pantry in order to see where our fundraising efforts would be converted into real benefits.
  • The weekend wrap party moved to Scotty’s house this year, for Rockband Tourney’s and leftovers.
  • The Charity Cookbook from this year still available!


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