Theme of the Con: “The Weetathlon Games”

Commemorating our fifth minicon, we planned our own version of the Olympic games, constructing an elaborate series of point-earning opportunities, including but not limited to: board games, blindfolded Sponge Bob Square Pants Connect 4, Twister, limbo, bowling, Weetacon trivia and other shennanigans. We also awarded points for the charity raffle items: participants could earn for being the biggest donor, donating items and also for donating items that earned the most tickets (this honor went to Susan and her handmade quilt, won by Allie). At the end of the event, participants won trophies for different things, which are now listed on their profile pages, and also, the overall Weetathlon medals based upon total points earned throughout the competition. Bronze went to Meg, silver went to Jake and Allie took the gold. We also raised over $1100 for Paul’s Pantry with the charity raffle.



What You Missed

  • No one would admit to hooking up with somImage courtesy of Michaeleone they did not bring with them to Weetacon despite the fact that it would have guaranteed them a trophy. However, Mary and Joe did volunteer that they got lucky (with each other) so the weekend did not go without its traditional hook up.
  • We learned that Jared is lord of the dance, and also of taking off his shirt. It happened on both evenings.
  • Jake tried to fill in for Eben and lead the bar in “Sweet Caroline” but realized that he doesn’t know the words.
  • At midnight at the Bad Bar, one attendee attempted to coax every woman to go up on the stage and flash their boobs. Some attendees took her up on it. And yes, there is video.
  • Weetacon V was declared “best one yet.”

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