What is Rehab?

Rehab is an auxiliary weekend for those who feel that one Weetacon per year is simply not enough. If you’re looking to have the opportunity to get to know lots of new friends, then Weetacon is your ideal, but if you’re looking to explore a new city on your own or in small groups, and welcome a little unstructured socializing, then it’s all about the Rehab. It’s basically a weekend in a city with a bunch of friends getting reacquainted. That’s not to say that non-alums aren’t welcome, but rather that the weekend’s social events are dictated by individuals rather than a common schedule and as such, the responsibility of being included on outings falls 100% on the participants. In other words, we’d love to see you, but we’re not going to check to see if everyone’s been accounted for before making our reservations, you know? I usually figure out some hotel arrangements and communicates a few gathering points (at least one dinner) throughout the weekend and we’ll publicize a few events where we’re looking for company, but there are no name tags, no registration fees, no itineraries and travel arrangements are up to attendees to coordinate.

When is the next one?

Rehab 2013 will be in Green Bay, WI on October 10-13, 2013. Details can be found here.

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