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Friday, March 5, 2021

4 pm CSTOpening KeynoteWendy welcomes you, explains how everything will work and answers any questions, plus this will likely be the only time everyone is on the group Zoom at once, so it’s a nice time to catch up with old friends and make new ones!
6 pm CSTMicrogreens for fun and noms Lyn shows you how to start growing your own microgreens and boost your vitamin potential at home
7 pm CSTPet Show and TellOur fur babies finally get to come to Weetacon! Bring your best four-legged, two-legged or no legged buddy and say hi to the webcam!
8 pm CSTTalent Show Show off old hobby or skill, and entertain your friends! No winners or competition, just emcee Jake and your buds share whatever zany tricks, operatic vocal chords, or plate spinning spectacles you might have under your sleeve. You might be surprised at what your friends can do!


10 am CSTCraft and Chat Love the idea of succulents but even those are just too much plant for you to take care of? Need a new crafty decor item for your humble abode? Join us for a Craft & Chat hour (or so) while we make felt succulents! You’ll need to order a kit, but for just $20 (or so) you’ll have a personalized art piece to show off the next time someone is allowed in your house. BYOB and snacks, natch. (Hosted by Melinda)
10 am CSTThe Pirates of PENzanceDo you have a pen, fountain or otherwise? Come and show it off, a joy for all our eyes. Tell us about the nib and about the ink, help us find a new place for all our money to sink (Hosted by Michael)
11 am CSTDoodling with PurposeMary will demonstrate the calming and beautiful art of doodling
11 am CSTDemystifying Wine PairingAmericans love to eat and drink, but unlike our friends across the Atlantic, the basics of food and wine pairing aren’t part of our culture. It’s information we have to seek out because much of wine culture in this country is bound up in snobbery, elitism, and no small amount of classism. Join Ben for an interactive conversation about food and wine together and the basics of pairing; bring your questions and any bottles you don’t know what to do with for live pairing advice!
12 pm CSTSaturday Book Club THE SECOND HOME by Christina ClancyNovelist Christina Clancy joins Sarah P to discuss Clancy’s debut novel The Second Home. 
2 pm CSTCord cutting 101Esteban walks through how to cut the cable cord permanently and save massive money while still enjoying your favorite shows (and then some).
2 pm CSTMake PrettyAngie from Ginger Birch shows you how to make the perfect flower arrangement
3 pm CSTNoise Music and all its PermutationsChris MC discusses all there is to uncover in the art of noise, including deep dives into John Cage, the Italian Futurists, Billy Bragg, Lou Reed, Japanese Noise Music, and how to actually enjoy noise in your everyday life.
5 pm CSTWeetacon Jeopardy Happy HourErika plays Trebek in this Weetacon-themed Jeopardy session. Please sign up to be a challenger (audience members do not need to reserve a spot)
8 pm CSTZoom Bad BarThe bartenders at St. Brendan’s always kicked us out by 4 am but this hang out can last as long as you want.


10 am CSTGreat Weetacon Bake Off: It’s Bread week!Esteban will show you how to build the most perfect loaf of bread FROM SCRATCH with just a few minutes of prep (and only about 2 hours of rise time)
11 am CSTHow to run a successful Etsy businessKelley Q of Gracie Designs spills the T on what you need to do to bring your Etsy business to the next level.
12 pm CSTSunday Book Club – UNDER A DARK SKY by Lori Rader-DayMystery novelist Lori Rader-Day sits down with Jessi to talk about her award-winning hit murder mystery, Under a Dark Sky.
2 pm CSTPublication roundtablePublishing is a business — hear from published authors and people who work in the business for insights on how to get your next big project on the best sellers list. We’ll sit down with Amanda Skenandore, Wendy McClure, Oksana Marafioti, Jennette Fulda, and Tonya Todd to talk about their journeys toward publication — what works, what doesn’t, and how to survive the process.
3 pm CSTMommy and Me: Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley fight the patriarchyWendy Bix takes you into a deep dive in the fascinating and deeply scandalous lives of two of the most influential feminist authors of the 18th and 19th centuries.
5 pm CSTClosing CeremoniesWendy sends us off with kisses, socially distanced hugs and a group brainstorm for what comes next