We’ve extended the order deadline to February 26 for the Pets of Weetacon Calendar!

Dated April 2012- March 2013 (bridging the gap between Weetacon VIII and Weetacon IX, natch), you will love spending an intimate month getting to know the pets of Weetacon!

You can pre-order a calendar via a $20 donation. At least $6 (but likely more!) from every calendar will go towards Paul’s Pantry (the actual donation will depend upon how many calendars are pre-ordered, as we get a discount on printing costs based on quantity, and 100% of all earnings will go directly to Paul’s Pantry). All orders must be received by February 26 to ensure that you receive your calendar at Weetacon. A very limited number of calendars will be available for sale at the Bake Sale table as well, but first come, first served.

 To order, please send $20 to Weetabix at gmail dot com via PayPal.

IMPORTANT: Please make your PayPal payments as Personal and Other so that Paypal fees do not eat into the funds that go to charity or impact how the IRS feels about Wendy Bix. Any payment received that is not marked as Personal and Other will be refunded.

What if I’m not able to attend Weetacon this year?

No problem. The Pets of Weetacon can come to you. Leave mailing instructions with your pre-order and  you will receive your calendar in the mail no sooner than March 30, 2012.
How to Submit Photos
Please send a quality digital photo (.jpg only please) to Allison at Weetacon Dot Com. For best results, your photo should be no smaller than 8″ x 10″ (bigger is better) and a resolution of at least 300 dpi (again, more is better). Please also provide your pet’s name so that we can give them their proper due in the calendar! Dogs in adorable Halloween costumes and cats in elf hats will be added first come, first served to the appropriate month.  Photos must be received by January 3, 2012.  Contact Allison at the Weetacon email address with any questions.




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