In lieu of a paper program that will waste a bunch of trees, get lost, and cause a number of headaches for the WPC Graphics & Typesetting Department we have decided to keep all the most important information gathered right here on the Weetacon website. If you still have questions that need to be answered (or worries which need to be soothed away), contact Melinda (melinda @ weetacon dot com) and she was get the info added tout suite!


Welcome To The Tribe

We promise it’s not a cult. Technically.


Meet The Team Parents!

Yes, they will answer if you just holler “Hey Mom!” or “Dad, help!”



No really, it’s important because it’s all about being safe and responsible and YOU SHOULD READ IT.


Doing Good the Weetacon Way

Hey so did you know we raise money for charity?? Here’s how we do it!


Drink Bitch: The Legend, The Myth, The Silly Bar Game

You should probably read this before someone yells “DRINK BITCH” in your face. Wouldn’t want you to be unnecessarily offended!

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