Similar to Ted Talks, the Wee Salon might be about anything, but they’ll always be interesting.

In the past, we’ve had sessions on running a successful Etsy business, making bread, author talks, literary history, floral arranging and crafting. We’ve learned the best way to paint your fingernails and how to cut your reliance on cable television. We’ve had Pet show and tells, pen show and tells and just played Jackbox. What’s coming next? It’s only limited by our imagination!  

Every Wee Salon is paired with an ongoing Zoom chat as well as video breakout rooms, so if you see someone you’re dying to talk to or just need a quiet space with limited socializing, you can bust out into one of the smaller socialization areas away from the main stage. 

These sessions will NOT be recorded or preserved. Like the magic of Weetacon itself, the joy is ephemeral and must be experienced live and in-person to fully understand.

Each Wee Salon event will be posted on Facebook, with links to the Zoom events to go out via the event listing as we get closer to the date, but if you aren’t on Facebook or want to make DARNED SURE that Zuckerberg doesn’t stand between you and your Weetacon time, sign up here. You can also sign up on that form if you have a great idea for a future Wee Salon presentation or really want a pre-packaged audience to tell us about this general wealth of information you’re passionate about because chances are, we’re going to be excited to hear about it too.

You don’t have to register for the event, although we do appreciate it if you can mark that you’re attending the event on FB so that we can get some basic attendance or interest numbers in determining the success and popularity of the events. I’m relying on you telling me that you’re interested in the Wee Salon one way or another so that I don’t spam people who aren’t interested in our tomfoolery.

Upcoming Wee Salons:

  • Wee Salon on April 18, 2021: Author chat with Kate Washington about her nonfiction book Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America; Everything You Never Knew About Little House on the Prairie with author Wendy McClure.
  • Wee Salon on April 25, 2021: Author chat with Kristen Arnett about her novel Mostly Dead Things; How To Write a Story If You’re Not A Writer with Wendy Wimmer; Cocktail Reception and Party Games.
  • Wee Salon on May 16, 2021: Playing with FIRE: Financial Independence and Retire Early with Sarah; A History of Aviation Tragedies and How They Made Flying Safer with Kevin
  • More dates to be announced in the future!